We’re solving a real, unmet need linked to a cause that really matters – saving lives. We are solving a problem that is preventable and fatal without timely intervention. HeartHero has a product that will rewrite the dismal outcomes associated with Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Gamechanger, Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Use, AED
"Anybody can do this. You can take this automated defibrillator, place it on the patient, and the machine provides that jolt of electricity to jumpstart the heart once again." -Dr. Ahmed Stowers

This device can be like the EpiPen for your heart.
"Having a device at your home, with you at all times, in your car, is key. It gives you a chance at life, and peace of mind is very important." - Dr. Bill Quirk

It's like carrying around another cell phone.
"HeartHero meets all three of those criteria: portability, price and the ability to be able to get that battery, where ever." - Dr. Ahmed Stowers
"We're talking about a device that applies to the consumer, to the home use. That market is potentially unlimited. - Elizabeth Krauklis, HeartHero COO