Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is the
#1 Killer in the World



Americans have risk factors
for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA),
while 12 million are at high risk.

Risk Factors Include:

  • Heart Failure – 27x increased risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Prior Heart Attack – 17x increased risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Disease – 7.5x increased risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Family History of SCA– 2x increased risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Gamechanger, Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Use, AED
"Anybody can do this. You can take this automated defibrillator, place it on the patient, and the machine provides that jolt of electricity to jumpstart the heart once again."

— Dr. Ahmed Stowers


In the United States, 350,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur every year, but only 2% of victims get treated with an AED.
Sudden Cardiac Arrests have a 8.5% chance of survival with favorable neurological outcome, with an AED, this can change to a 74% survival rate.
The heart is most susceptible to shock in the first 3 minutes of arrest. The average time it takes an ambulance to arrive is 8 minutes.
65 is the average age of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim (every day 10,000 people turn 65).

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) kills more people each year than

Market Potential

The Business-to-Consumer Market
HeartHero’s innovative design and significant cost reduction will allow us to target new markets that have been overlooked by the healthcare and med-tech industries.

By building a new AED that is both portable and affordable,
HeartHero will be able to target the consumer market with a focus on:

Individuals with significant risk factors or heart disease:

Market Potential:
12.4 million Americans and growing by 2 million annually

This is the most at-risk group for SCA and our leading consumer audience that will find the most value in our life-saving solution.

OSHA Generally Mandated:

Market Potential:
500,000 power-line workers and electricians, 3,000+ telecom and utility companies in U.S.

The construction and telecom industries develop safety standards around OSHA Publication 3185, (2003). This OSHA recommendation on the importance of readily-available AEDs encourages the installation of the devices in workplaces.

Established AED Market:

Market Potential:
$4 billion global market that is projected to grow, currently there are 200,000 AEDs sold each year in the U.S. with a replacement needed every 5 years.

Businesses in the market for an AED will find our price and size at the same level of effectiveness to be a great alternative vs. existing industry options.

Aging Population: 65 years or older

Market Potential:
5 million and growing annually.

The average age for SCA is 65 years, and 10,000/day turn 65, which will continue until 2035.

This device can be like the EpiPen for your heart.
"Having a device at your home, with you at all times, in your car, is key. It gives you a chance at life, and peace of mind is very important."

— Dr. Krista Grandey

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