Partnering with HeartHero has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives
that did not have access to an affordable AED.

We're talking about a device that applies to the consumer, to the home use. That market is potentially unlimited.
"Once HeartHero saves a life, the ability to produce revenue from the device is endless."
- Beth Krauklis, COO


Market Strategy

Go-to market strategy geared toward the consumer launches in 2019.


Building co-branding relationships with top battery manufacturers.


Positioning our product for FDA pre-market approval.

Our Strategic Partnerships 

HeartHero is currently in secured partnerships with the following professional service organizations.
Below is a breakdown of those key relationships and their impact to the organization.

Product Development and Regulatory

BlackHägen Design:
An interdisciplinary, user research and product design firm. Focused on user-centered methodologies to drive innovation and sustainable product development of safety-critical devices and systems. Black Hagen will partner with HeartHero in the product design phase to enhance technical, clinical and lifestyle conditions.

Regulatory Compliance Associates:
A team of experienced professionals from FDA-regulated industries, specializing in quality, regulatory affairs, operations, manufacturing and R&D.


Colorado Electronic Product Design:
Engineering and functioning prototype development, providing design services in the areas of EMC/EMI, embedded systems, analog, FPGA, wireless, DSP, software, and PCB layout for medical and consumer products since 1996.


VivaQuant: VivaQuant provides products, services, and technology that incorporate advanced signal processing to more accurately extract valuable information from biological signals. VivaQuant is partnering with HeartHero to advance their current 510K algorithm to support the requirements for the HeartHero AED.

Marketing and Strategy 

Legal and Financial 

Rubicon Law:
Corporate legal counsel that specializes in start-ups.

Jonathan Rogers, CPA:
A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a practice based in Denver, CO. Jonathan assists HeartHero with tax preparation, budget planning and accounting needs.

Trademark and Patent